Assistive Media: Expanding the world of reading…

Assistive Media: About us

Assistive Media THE NEW YORKER volumes on cassette tape
Assistive Media 1.0: The New Yorker Magazine on audio cassette at the WCLBPH
Assistive Media 2.0: WHOIS, March 1998
Mary LaPorte Erdody (1925–2009), Walled Lake Consolidated Schools, Clerical Lead,
​Principal’s Office (Walled Lake Junior High, Geisler Middle, Walnut Creek Middle), 1971–1997,
Detroit Free Press; Mary L. Erdody, Ability is Ageless, 1995.


Ilene, a music teacher from Pittsburgh
David and David at the Clements
RealNetworks: 1999 Streamers Progressive Award (link)
David on C-SPAN
Brian and David
The Bicycle Bridge Foundation
YouTube Fundraising Site



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